Windows XP losing support by Microsoft

As you may have heard by now, Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP. The phase out started in 2008 when manufactures stopped selling computers with XP installed. Then by 2009 Microsoft put a halt on selling XP. Since April 2009, ALL support for the OS has ceased. XP has become the most popular OS than any previous version. It is even preferred over Vista.

For a time Microsoft couldn’t keep up with consumer demands when a new OS was introduced. People couldn’t wait to upgrade to the latest OS. I myself have used Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 first and Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows XP. I believe that XP is the longest running and supported operating system. When Windows ME was introduced it was more or less a stop gap because people was scared the ‘end of the world’ was upon them over that Y2K bullshit. I never cared much for Windows ME. Half of my computers still run XP because I’ve had the least problems with it.

After Microsoft’s blunder when they introduced Vista, People were not pleased with Microsoft and began to lose faith in the company. Vista has more bugs than a bait store. Now with Windows 7 on the shelves, I have heard good things about the new OS. I haven’t upgraded yet since i was waiting to see if history would repeat itself when Vista came out.

As for the XP users, Microsoft will continue with security and patch fixes until April 2014 when XP becomes history. You can use Windows Upgrade Adviser to see if your computer will support an upgrade.

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