Mr. Fixit's PC Upgrade and Repair
Wanting to Upgrade?
Experience music in stereo audio or movies in
7.1 Surround Sound. Learn how Audio cards
differ and how to pick the right card for your
Optical Drives are better known as CD, DVD,
and Blu-ray. Learn the different features that
Today's Optical drive provide.
Graphic cards can produce Basic 2D
Graphics to mind blowing High Definition
Graphics. Learn their differences and what
you need to know before you upgrade.
Hard Disk Drives store huge amounts of
data, as much as 2TB, from the OS to Family
photos. PC and why Solid-State Drives are
becoming popular.
System memory is an important part of the PC.
Not enough and the PC wounds down to a
crawl.  Learn the different types of memory
and how to install PC memory upgrades.
The Power Supply Unit provides power for all
the components in your PC. Learn how to test
the PSU and identify the power connectors
Windows XP has become the most widely used
and stable OS in years. Learn new features
introduced in XP and how you can improve it's
Vista was not well liked by many users
because of it's instability. Learn Vista's new
features and improvements from XP, plus ways
you can improve Vista's performance.
After Microsoft's faux pas with Vista, Windows 7
was intended to be a more focused,
incremental upgrade to the Windows line, with
the goal of being compatible with applications
and hardware.
Windows 8 was designed to improve its user
experience on mobile devices to compete with
mobile operating systems and take advantage
of new technologies.
After Microsoft's disaster with Windows 8, Windows 10 will be available
July 29, 2015 but, will it be better than what many of us experienced
with Windows 8?
Whether you are thinking of upgrading, buying, or building your PC,  you should understand your options and how devices compare. The most common
upgrades are System Memory, Graphic cards, and Hard Drives. Below is a listing of all the upgrades, including the Operating System, that you can perform on
most PCs. Even if you're buying a new computer, the information on this site will help you understand what you are buying.
Step aside USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is here! See
how the 3rd USB generation is taking the
computing industry by storm and how you can
start using the new technology today.
PCs can use a wide range of displays from
CRT monitors to Plasma TVs.  Learn how
these technologies differ and what you need
to know before you upgrade your monitor.
Want to build your own PC, but think it is too
difficult to understand?  Did you know that
building your own PC costs almost as much as a
manufactured PC?  I will show you how to build
your own PC....