Mr. Fixit's PC Upgrade and Repair
'Do It Yourself' Repairs
There will be a time when your PC will crash or have a Hardware failure. The repairs can cost as much as a new computer, but in todays economy, not many
people can afford such services.  Going to a repair shop costs money with no guarantee they did the job correctly or they charge for service you didn't ask them
to do. Some even lie about the problem to make more money off of you.  To many Repair shops, you are just a dollar sign with no clue about the computer.
You'll believe what they tell you and they count on you to be oblivious.

I will show you how you can do many of these service yourself, but be warned, these repairs are not for everyone. If you are unsure about these repairs, then
have a certified Technician do the job. Don't risk further damage to your PC.  I go to great lengths to provide details on doing a repair to help you save money,
along with Videos on Youtube. Before doing a repair, be sure you have the proper tools and that you are well grounded. The slightest static discharge can
severely damage the PC or the Hardware. Remove ALL sources of power to the computer, this includes the battery in Laptops. Below are links to common
repairs you can do on your PC.