Is your microwave coming on but does not heat? In this video, MrFixit demonstrate
how to troubleshoot a microwave oven that will not heat. It can be either a power
relay, the HV transformer, the HV capacitor, the HV diode, or the Magnetron. Some
of these parts are rather expensive to replace unless a used part can be found to fit
your microwave oven.
Is your microwave blowing fuses, erratic operation, no power, etc.? WhizKid
illustrates how to troubleshoot the problem that could be as simple as a blown fuse to
a faulty door switch.
An electric eye on your stove not working? Here is how you can test the burner for
Noticed a puddle of water when the tub is filling with water? It may be the fill hose is
leaking water. Here is how you can fix the leak.
Does the squealing from the dryer annoying? It's a sign the bearing assembly for
the drum is worn out. Here is how you can replace the bad bearings.