Mr. Fixit's PC Upgrade and Repair
Hello, I am MrFixit. Welcome to my website.  I have been into computers since the 1980's and started with my first computer called
TRS-80 Color Computer 2.  They were one of the early computers that were created for the personal computer market.  I had learned
to write programs in BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code).  In later years, I moved up to MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk
Operating System).  There, I learned how to use DOS and continued to write programs using Quick BASIC.  I did not write many
programs, just wanted to understand how programs worked.  In 1993, I got an IBM PS/2 PC with Microsoft Windows 3.1 and have
continued using Windows throughout the years.  I have used every Windows version released since 1994.

In case you are wondering, I am a self-taught PC Technician, or Guru.  Computers have been a passion for me where others see it as
a job. I built my first computer in 2001 and installed the Windows XP operating system.  It was to see how difficult it would be to build a
PC.  Turns out, it is not that difficult once you understand how all the components work together.  To this day I am still building PCs for

Like many people, my parents are technologically challenged and ask for my help when they start having problems.  I realized that
most people don't care how the computer works they just want it to work for them.  I decided to share my knowledge and help others
who are having problems with there PC.

I have created this site to help you with the different components of the computer, better understand the function of each component,
understand the  terminologies, and know how to upgrade the hardware in your PC.  You cannot to turn your Windows XP computer
into a beefed-up super computer, but you can tweak it enough to get the most out of it's design.

The best part about my site is that not only do you learn the information necessary for upgrading and repairing your PC, you can find
many of the parts in my online store. You'll find all the necessary Hardware for your upgrade/repair and Cool Software to help keep
your PC in check. You'll find hardware like System RAM Memory, Hard Disk Drives, Power Supply Units and more. You'll find useful
software like Data Recovery, DVD Rippers, Video Converters, and more.

As Windows XP retired in 2014, Vista was retired, in April 2017.  Many people will be looking for a new PC but not sure which one to
buy.  My
PC Buying Guide will help find the perfect PC for the holidays.

I have been working on videos to give the average person the ability to upgrade or build their own computer. You can now see the
videos on
YouTube. I am still making changes to the site when I can. There are no fancy gadgets, special effects, etc. I intend to make
this site easy to navigate.  As videos come available, I will post their links on this site so you can see how to perform a task to save
yourself money. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or comments. Enjoy the site.